THE HEALING STARTS with the 
            power of  ICE THERAPY
Ice is clinically proven to reduce the healing time for all sorts of injuries. Ice cools the injured tissue, thus stops swelling and that relieves the pain. Swelling is the primary cause of slow healing, creating an environment for infection to set in. This how it works. Injured tissue responds by sending specific agents to the injured area. They immediately begin to remove damaged tissue that causes swelling. If the injured area is allowed to swell, recovery cannot begin until the swelling goes down, which could take days. So ice therapy can relieve pain and prevent infection. It works like a miracle to relieve sore muscles, burns, bug bites, sports injuries, after treatment for cosmetic surgery, permanent make-up, electrolysis, waxing, laser hair removal, botox, anything that causes swelling. We offer a variety of specialized ice packs that will suit your particular need. Take a look below and I'm sure you'll find what you need.
MEDI-ICE PILLOWS come as a flat sheet containing
dry ice cells that can be cut in large  or small sections or just a single cell. They are by far the most convenient and economical ice pack on the market today. simply soak in tepid water for one minute, pat off excess water and they're ready to go. Freezes in 30 to 40 minutes.
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The picture above  shows a large area that can be treated all at once. Always place a damp barrier cloth between the ice packs and skin. These ice packs can be reused many times. You can clean them by soaking in warm water and   a mild dish detergent and rinsing with fresh clean water.
The ARCTIC ICE GEL PACK KIT includes 100 premium zip lock plastic bags and premium gel powder to make 100 gel packs. You have 7 sizes to chose from and instructions are included. These are very economical and easy to make.
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